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Thread: Jack Dempsey, The Drop step rear Cross VS Hip rotation, and the shoulder whirl!?


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    Default Jack Dempsey, The Drop step rear Cross VS Hip rotation, and the shoulder whirl!?

    Ok ive been reading Jack Dempsey's book and I have applied the drop step to my jab/jolt successfully and its much more powerful and far faster than a normal modern jab.

    However Im not sure how to apply it to the rear cross. He gave instructions on how to do it but I dont understand what he meant.

    He talks about the shoulder whirl where you rotate the shoulders to produce torque in the rest of the body and your punches. It seems back then maybe they rotated from the shoulders rather than from the hips!? Anyway the shoulder swirl is alot less powerful than the modern hip rotation is.

    He said to throw the rear cross with the same technique as the straight left jolt/jab, but does he mean with or without hip rotation /shoulder whirl? (He also said the shoulder whirl is an impure way to throw straight punches because the whirl is circular force and so dosnt transmit as much force forwards in a straight line as the drop step does! So I dont know if he just meant the shoulder swirl alone isnt optimal for straight punches, or whether the shoulder swirl should be combined with the drop step so both together, or if he meant completely remove the swirl so its only the drop/trigger step is powering the rear cross so its totally pure!?

    I just want to know how to throw the rear cross the way Dempsey did with his famous drop step. Can you tell me how?

    Why isnt Jacks technique used in modern boxing? Why dont modern boxers jab/jolt and cross the way he did?
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