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This telegraphing from Pascal, can someone produce some examples while keeping in mind his chronic shoulder issues? Ask Carl Froch if they were telegraphed. The difference for me in this fight in that Bute is mentally destroyed by his fight with Carl. Gym and Interbox are cashing in or out. It would not surprise me to see them milk a trilogy out of this.

Pascal by tko.
The telegraphing isn't shoulder related, it's his body positioning and wide punching style. He's got a lot of speed, but its the position of his feet and the way he throws his punches that give him away. (think fast guy throwing a slow punch...) It's a double edged sword because the wide stance allows him to get a lot of power on those looping shots.

Watching footage of him.. you'll see he likes to walk/ stalk and throw the jab low and keep his opponent checked at a distance, he'll sometimes overextend 1,2 or a looping lead hook that he's using to test the waters. When he closes the distance, he sets his feet real wide and locks his stance prematurely and throws his hooks (which may come from odd angles due to his feet being locked and his upper body having to compensate and get the shots off before the target skips town-- its also why he misses big sometimes), but the hooks are almost always in pairs. Bangers usually don't pick up on this nor care because they are there to out bang him.
Anyone else (especially counterpunchers) can either step in, close the distance and take the leverage off his punches and throw uppercuts inside, step back with their hands high block the right and shoot the counter down the middle... or step around and throw over the lead hand. Bute being a southpaw, stepping in and throwing that uppercut that dropped miranda should be a good bet. A lead uppercut also works after defending the looping right over the top. Of course this is depending on Bute's mental state--my comment on telegraphing wasn't necessarily a response to the outcome of the fight as much as it was Pascal completing his emulation of Roy.
Yes it is. His body positioning has been the same his entire career. That is based on a fight by fight basis. He's like Jones in that regard and in fact modeled himself after him. It has not been until his shoulder problems that he has been caught with shots he normally wouldn't get caught with. Both his shoulders are done not just one so he has been forced to completely change his approach and in certain positions is probably hesitant to even throw. Shit in his last fight his shoulder went out when his forearm hit a rope tensioner. If he loses a shoulder against Bute he's going to get beat up. Pascal is going to jump right on him. Great post @J_Undisputed. We simply disagree on the time line of this telegraphing and how it may play out in this fight.