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Thread: Some riddles to rattle your brain...


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    Default Some riddles to rattle your brain...

    Have done a few riddles these past few days. See if you can guess any...

    Jung-Koo Chang by palmerq
    A) I have "no amateur experience" and yet I took on the best early on. It sounds impossible but I destroyed a "small tractor" you would think he would have "plucked all my feathers" but he didn't. "Flying" high I was actually able to beat a "small panther" as well to set up my title shot. But this "little device" I faced was too "electric" for me and he got the slight advantage. He made the mistake of giving me a rematch and I "Sparked" him out. My reign would last 6 yrs and along the way I would beat 4 future world champs until I "slipped on a peel."
    Who Am I? Hint1: Im the only one of my kind in the Hall of Fame right now but that's about to change.

    Dick Tiger by palmerq
    B) I let my "nephew borrow my nickname" but he added something to it to set us apart. I was a big deal in my time and you could have caught me on a "tv show". I fought my way to the top nothing was handed to me. I finally I "weathered the storm" and won a title. His "brother" would later try to avenge the loss but couldn't and I'm certain I would have beat the "third brother" as well for obvious reasons. I then moved up in weight and in my first shot at the "crown" I dethroned the man. I have no shame in losing to my predecessor he too went on to be the "king."
    Who Am I? Hint1: Yes I was a "rebel" but for good reasons. I too struggled just like my people did. I was "banned" for that though and years later as I got old that ban was lifted.

    Francisco "Panchito" Bojado by Beanflicker
    C) You know me better by my "nickname" than by my name. I was part of my nations "Olympic team" but I "never won gold." I was told that I had all the tools to be "the next great champ" by tomorrow so I quickly turned pro. Eagered to do so I "knocked out all my opponents" until I was "derailed early on" and although I got him on the return bout it just wasn't the same. A "tornado" then passed through me so I decided to leave. When I tried to come back "a premature baby" finished me off.
    Who Am I? Hint1: One of the best opponents I faced at that time wasn't too "sleek" when we met and I beat him convincingly.

    Alfredo "Canelo" Urbina by ICB
    D) There's a "challenge online" that's probably easier to get by than me. I don't expect many to remember me as I'm "not a HoF'er." But I know plenty of them as "I fought a handful." My first big win was "stopping" this future "LWW champ." I then tried to be the first to defeat another "future champ" but he was too "sweet" for me. My next "big win" was over a guy who wasn't "slippery" enough the first time we met he too would be "a champ one day." I also hold a win over a "monkey" but I couldn't tame the "tiger."
    Who Am I?
    Hint1: I hold wins over 5 world champs & 3 Hall of Fame members.
    Hint2: I "never" won a world title but I did win a "national" title when I defeated an "infant."
    Hint3: I also faced a "South American" legend but he was "untouchable" lost to him twice.
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