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I believe that the first one is Ike Williams, not sure though.
@chinchekked well done fella...

How did you come up with Ike Williams?
The corrupt boxing manager clue and the fact that he threw fight and didnt have a choice got me going in the right direction. I remember reading something about how he had testified before congress, and then I looked up who he won his first world title from and that gave me enough confidence to make that guess. These are great by the way. I was clueless with the previous one you posted. Keep them coming.
@chinchekked spot on...

If you even dared blinnk he'd take your money = Ikes manager was "Blinky" Palermo was a mobster and a corrupt guy known to spend fighters money.
Going thru the list of opponents and guys I beat is endless = 150+ fights
First major title from one of Mexicos finest = Won the NBA Lightweight title when he defeated Juan Zurita
Durango Puncher = Enrique Bolanos nickname
a cat = Bob Mongtomerys nickname was Bobcat
a child = Kid Gavilan
What wasn't fixed was the onslaught I laid on a dandy = In his first fight vs. Beau Jack he throws 45+ unanswered shots until the referee finally jumps in (The worst LATE stoppage ever in my opinion)
dandy = Beau