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Thread: Why Boxing has to be respected

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    Default Re: Why Boxing has to be respected

    Quote Originally Posted by TitoFan View Post
    Agree with your post... except maybe the last part. If Chavez Jr. is involved, chances are unless he gets stopped, he's getting the decision. The fact that Martinez got the nod in their fight is a testament to just how badly Sergio schooled and dominated the kid. Otherwise, it could've been another shady decision.
    Right. I guess the gameplan is to continue to fight in a weight class he has no business being in, against much smaller guys who are known to not have much power like Vera.

    JCC Jr is turning into quite a joke.

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    Default Re: Why Boxing has to be respected

    we need the next (third) Coming of Sugar Ray to save the boxing
    Learn Mike Tyson style and elements of Peekaboo @ SugarBoxing

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    Default Re: Why Boxing has to be respected

    Chavez Junior is trying to make a career for himself and should be respected for getting into the ring. However his name means he has responsibilities to not damage it so he should start training and be more active. Otherwise he should just cash out against Froch.
    Do not let success go to your head and do not let failure get to your heart.

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    Default Re: Why Boxing has to be respected

    Sorry M. I know you're trying to find the silver lining in JCC Jr's cloud. But the sad truth is that if he was really trying to make a career of himself, he wouldn't be making a mockery of the boxing weight divisions. He wouldn't have gotten himself suspended for taking diuretics in a blatant attempt to come into the ring at 30 pounds over his opponent.

    Other than @Violent Demise, who lost any shred of credibility he may have had at one time (frankly, I never thought he had any).... and ymadaka (whatever... don't remember the spelling right now).... no one in the entire civilized Western world thought he won his fight against Vera.

    So he makes a mockery out of boxing.... boxing sinks itself deeper into its black hole by scoring like JCC Jr-Vera, and CJ Ross's scorecard on Floyd-Canelo..... and the sport just keeps on going down the toilet.

    Over 50 scorecards at press row had Junior losing his fight to Vera, yet once again the corruption that is boxing rears its ugly head. And delusional VD has the nerve to start this stupid, f*cking thread.

    Most serious boxing fans consider Junior a joke.... and not a very funny one at that. He should hang up the gloves, and spare us this freaking circus. Boxing doesn't need any help in that regard.

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