Ok guys it's that time of year again so I thought I'd pick up the baton and make this thread as everyone knows that the opinions of the posters here at Saddo are more important than any other award that any boxing publication could doll out. In other words, what we say is the truth. I've kept it the same as in previous years as hosted by @CutMeMick. So, please start casting your votes for the following categories:

1. Fighter of the year
2. Fight of the year
3. Round of the year
4. Knockout of the year
5. Upset of the year
6. Comeback fighter of the year (This means a fighter who cameback from having previous bad years, not being behind in a fight)

7. Event of the year (As in either a PPV Event or an event that had an adverse effect on the sport)
8. Worst fight of the year
9. Prospect of the year
10. Robbery of the year

If there are any you're unsure of, just leave them blank and edit your post at a later date. I won't be counting up the final tally until the end of the year. If a Mod can make this a sticky that'd be much appreciated.