Hey there, how are you all?

Goals: Dunno, get better at boxing.
Weight: Dunno, I figure close to 180 lbs if not more.
Height: I'm a short mofo.

So why philosophical training log? Am i a philosopher? Nah, I just wanted a unique name and it beat:

"I am a fat bastard, I need to workout"

That and most likely I'll just include snippets about my daily life. My shrink has said I bottle up emotions and so I have to write stuff down somewhere.

So what was my experience with boxing? I signed up to a couple of gyms in the past, I think more as a release for testosterone then any serious attempt at athletic training.

So how good was I? shit. I dropped out due to a lack of self-dicipline.I had a coach tell me that when I was ready, I could join the amateur team and then never took him on the offer.

Everything else is on the border of going to shit. Work, love, interpersonal relations, karma, you name it.

And each and everytime things go to shit, I go back to the gym, telling myself this time will be different and I won't quit the gym when the going gets good. And I always have quit.

So ANYWAYZ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Now that my long list of training failures have been established, let's try again shall we?

Await for embarassingly low results as I have been completely inactivie for most of the year.