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Seriously though, I though both Dutch wing-backs (Blind/ Kuyt) were solid through out the tournament. Hard for a wing-back to feature in a game but they were both incredibly consistent, reliable.
I have to dispute picking Dirk Kuyt as one of the top wing backs, he was so frustrating to watch. He is completely right footed, can't even play simple passes with his left, and they played him left wing back. The defenders didn't even bother covering the line, as they knew he would cut in to his right every time. Blind was tidy though.
Maybe it's because I'm a Liverpool fan but also if you research the stats, you'll see that Blind and Kuyt are very comparable.
Lies, damn lies and statistics. Wasn't it statistics which picked out David Luiz as the best player of the World Cup about half way through? I know Kuyt did the job asked of him, but he was toothless going forward because he had no left foot, and wasn't as reliable as a left back defensively.