June 24

Fight of the day
1989: Jeff Harding KO 12 Dennis Andries

Runner up just because its the one and only time really that Jones showed us that he actually had a jab.
1995: Roy Jones vs Vinny Pazienza

1895: Jack Dempsey born William Harrison Dempsey.

1910: Owen Moran ND 10 Abe Attell, Los Angeles.

1927: Bud Taylor W 10 Tony Canzoneri, Chicago. Wins vacant NBA Featherweight Title.

1947: Sugar Ray Robinson KO 9 Jimmy Doyle, Cleveland. Retains World Welterweight Title.
Doyle subsequently dies from head injuries suffered during the bout. Ray swears he dreamt, the evening before the contest that Doyle would perish as a result from the bout. It was "a good, clean fight", but Robinson had the advantage in every round except the sixth (when Sugar Ray was staggered twice and hurt). A single left hook ended the fight, Doyle not having been in any noticeable difficulty until then. "That punch knocked Jimmy rigid. With heels resting against the canvas as if hinged, Doyle's body went down. It struck the floor with a thud, like a rigid mass falling. His head crashed against the padded canvas, and as the referee started the count. Doyle raised his head and rested on his elbows...The count of nine was reached and the bell sounded to end the round. Art Winch, one of his handlers, leaped into the ring to call a halt. Doyle was taken in an ambulance to St. Vincent's Charity Hospital immediately after the injury, and despite all efforts of the medical attendants, he failed to regain consciousness and passed away a few hours after Dr. Spencer Braden, brain specialist. Had operated on him to relieve the pressure on his brain." (Nat Fleischer, in The Ring, September 1947).
1953: Archie Moore W 15 Joey Maxim, Ogden, UT. Retains World Light Heavyweight Title.

1957: Hogan Bassey KO 10 Cherif Hamia, Paris. Wins vacant World Featherweight Title.

1963: Joey Giardello W 10 Sugar Ray Robinson, Philadelphia.

1968: Joe Frazier KO 2 Manuel Ramos, NYC. Retains New York World Heavyweight Title.

1989: Jeff Harding KO 12 Dennis Andries, Atlantic City. Wins WBC Light Heavyweight Title.
-Orlando Canizales KO 11 Kelvin Seabrooks, Atlantic City. Retains IBF Bantamweight Title.

1993: Wilfredo Vasquez KO 10 Thierry Jacob, Paris. Retains WBA Super Bantamweight Title.

1995: Al Cole W 12 Uriah Grant, Atlantic City. Retains IBF Cruiserweight Title.
-Roy Jones Jr. KO 6 Vinny Pazienza, Atlantic City. Retains IBF Super Middleweight Title. You couldn’t lose anymore convincingly than Vinny did on this night.
-Harold Grey W 12 Julio Cesar Borboa, Cartagena, Columbia. Retains IBF Super Flyweight Title.

1996: William Joppy KO 9 Shinji Takehara, Yokohama, Japan. Wins WBA Middleweight Title.

2000: Mike Tyson KO 1 Lou Savarese, Glasgow.
-Zab Judah W 12 Junior Witter, Glasgow, Scotland. Retains IBF Super Lightweight Title.