June 10th

My fight of the day:
1955 Carmen Basilio vs Tony DeMarco
-only 1 belt in those days. Carmen becomes the third world champion in less then 3 months.

Other notables on this day:

1946-Jack Johnson dies at 68 in a car wreck after being refused service at a roadside restaurant.
-Manuel Ortiz stops Jackie Jurich in 11 and retains bantam title.

1948:-Tony Zale stops Rocky Graziano in 3 and retains middle title

1960- Paul Pender beats Sugar Ray Robinson for the second time in a row retaining the mid title.

1961-Archie Moore beats Guilio Rinaldi over 15 and retains his lh title. Moores last title fight

1972-Jose Napoles knocks out Adolph Pruitt. Retains Welt title.

1988-Prince Charles Williams stops Richard Caramanolis in 11 and keeps lh title

1990-Orlando Canizales cremates Paul Gonzalez and retains his bantam bling.

1995-Tommy Morrison stops Razor Ruddock

2006-Bernard Hopkins destroys Antonio Tarver via clinic after jumping up 2 divisions at age 40 and wins a version of the lh title.
-Israel Vasquez knocks out Ivan Hernandez and retains his super bantam title.