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For two fighters who really dont need each other I have never seen two that need each other more. It almost feels like a kind of boxing purgatory. Its odd because both of these guys will be remembered more for not fighting each other then their first ballet hall of fame ledgers.

I think Floyd wants that 50/0 more then anything past or present. I dont think the pundits talk about that factor enough. We should also remind ourselves of who Marciano fought for his 48th and 49th. A spent close to 200 fight Archie Moore and Don Cockell. He must be an institution because he lived well and half the planet barely had phone service. Floyds not obligated to go life and death real or perceived in every fight he makes.

Anyway, if this phantom fight ever takes places I'd bet my left nut that it would be his 50th should he stay undefeated. That is its only shot at happening imo.
There is a reason why Marciano is ranked so low among historical ATG heavyweights he fought horrible competition. Like many like to say in defense of Floyd, it wasn't all Marcianos fault. He came around at a bad time when there wasn't much competition and beat who was available. It was still a weak resume. Guys like Ali, Lewis, Frazier, Evander, hell, even the Klitschkos all beat much better competition.

50-0 doesn't mean much if u don't fight the really big fights. Floyd fought better competition than Marciano, but it isn't enough, even with a 50-0 record, to be ranked historically where he feels he should be. Floyd will look worse of the fight doesn't happen. It will definitely hurt his legacy. Manny agrees to all of his demands so it looks bad to not take the fight.