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Thread: Ibar Arrington vs "Irish" Pat Duncan


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    Default Ibar Arrington vs "Irish" Pat Duncan

    It was a Saturday afternoon, I was about 12 years young, sitting alone on a cold day in my living room, Wide World of Sports was on, and the featured bout was "Irish" Pat Duncan vs Ibar Arrington.

    @Andre I curled up in the cold living room and sat back and enjoyed a stellar fight. I wish I could find a tape of it, it would bring bacl old memories. "Iriish" Pat nailed Arringotn with 3-.4- even 5-punch combinations, with Arrington using a weird cross-armed defense while his head snapped back over and over from "Irish" Pat's combos. This continued for most of the fight. Arrington tried some late-rallying bullcrap, mostly using triple jabs, with some success. When the bell ended the fight at the end of the 12th round (opr nwas it a 10-rounder? gotta check- BoxRec--- I WAS SURE "IRISH" PAT HAD DONE MORE THAN ENOUGH TO GET THE DECISION.

    The outrage of a 12 year old can be surprising. The judges gave it to Arington, after all "Irish" Pat had done to muss up his beak-like bird-like face of Ibar. I was outraged and wondered WHAT FRIKKING FIGHT WERE THE JUDGES WATCHING? I WAS SURE AT THE AGE OF 12 DUNCAN HAD HANDILY WON THE FIGHT.

    To this day I have been looking for a tape/recording of that fight. What a pleasure it would be @Greenbeanz to see that again after nearly 40 years. @Dia bando ytour stomach is bigger than all the rest and that includes Butterbean bwahahaa @greynotsoold what about in Butte? Aything up there bro? Cuz Im on my way pretty soon after touring Europe. @Bill Paxtom @denilson200 @orangeclock @sinister Snickers and the Milky Way Galaxy
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