So I've been in quite a healthy way of life for about 10 months now, occasionally fall off the wagon, but actually enjoying the exercise and the food.

For about 8 weeks now, I don't seem to have made any progress, I've not lost any weight and my shape hasn't really improved. I've added some different sports/ exercises to my plans, but it's still not making much difference.

My main aim is to get fitter and look better, while also hoping to get in good enough shape to actually box a few white collar fights. Short term goal though, I'm going ibiza in 4 weeks and would love some form of decent abs. I'm not a million miles away now, it's just that last layer of fat, especially at the bottom of my belly. Never had them before and always been a bit chunky, so what I've achieved so far I'm really pleased with, just want to be better!

Does anyone fancy giving me some advice on what I can do to help get these abs out? I try look online and it's either "eat less, run more" or some 30 day shred rubbish that wants me to do a millionaire sit ups with no diet. I understand it's going to be mostly dropping my fat percentage that will get me there.

So I train 6 days per week, it will normally be:

Boxing (90 minutes of tough shit, including sparring)
Swimming (1000m various strokes)
Various weight training on top half (at least an hour)

My general diet each day will be something along the lines of:

Porridge with water and 25g protein shake
salad with lean meat or 200g potato and 200g chicken
Egg on wholemeal toast or mostly egg white scrambled egg on toast
lean meat (steak normally) and green veg
Casein shake before bed

I'm generally taking a grenade black ops tablet when I wake up and two before I train.

Any suggestions as I'm keen for the first time in my life to have abs!

If only @ono would see this! he would know what to do!