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Thread: How was slavery Justified by Americans in deep south at the time?

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    Default Re: How was slavery Justified by Americans in deep south at the time?

    Slavery has gone on for years , in some arab states they still have African slaves.
    As for European white slave traders is was as simple as being more advanced than the black Africans. What I mean by that is - better ships / weapons / etc.
    They wrongly saw the tribes people as animals to take advantage of, this is a part of world history most people are not proud of.
    The fact is it happened and people got rich off it, on a small scale it still goes on today.
    Remember reality is an illusion caused by a lack of alcohol .

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    Default Re: How was slavery Justified by Americans in deep south at the time?

    Quote Originally Posted by Fenster View Post
    Interesting stuff, @SlimTrae

    Who do they blame for slavery in American schools (the history lessons)? Is it different depending on what part of America you live?
    I'm out the loop, no kids to see what they're being taught.
    Ten years ago, Texas approved renaming South Atlantic Trade to Triangular Trade.
    Google any thing on Texas school books renaming slavery. Not sure if it still stands, but prefer to Question; why was this necessary?

    Today it is a most polarizing topic run amok by outdated so called civil rights leaders.

    the liberal were successful in taking God and Bible from Martin Luther King Jr--- replacing with feel good speeches.....I have a dreeamm!

    IMO when that occurred my people embraced liberalism over Christianity.
    End result ....slavery had become what @El Kabong stated: more about righting yesterday's wrong. I say sulking over yesterday.
    All's lost! Everything's going to shit!

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    Default Re: How was slavery Justified by Americans in deep south at the time?

    Quote Originally Posted by Denilson-The-Comeback View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by walrus View Post
    Slavery was and is stupid.
    It wasn't stupid at all. Many companies that you use benefitted from it

    AIG – bought American General Financial which owns US Life Insurance Company. US Life used to insure the lives of slaves.

    Aetna insured the lives of slaves in the 1850s.

    Bank of America – grew in part out of the Bank of Metropolis, which accepted slaves as collateral.

    Harvard Law School – endowed with money from Isaac Royall, an Antiguan slave owner and sugar grower.

    JP Morgan Chase – made a fortune from the slave trade.

    Princeton – raised money and recruited students from rich, slave-owning families in the South and the Caribbean. Princeton was not alone in hitting up slave owners and traders for money and students. So did:

    Wells Fargo – Georgia Railroad & Banking Company and the Bank of Charleston owned or accepted slaves as collateral. They later became part of Wells Fargo by way of Wachovia. (In the 2000s Wells Fargo targeted blacks for predatory lending.)

    Yale University – money from slave trading went to its first endowed scholarships, professorship and library.

    Universities not only sought and accepted money from slave owners and traders, they helped to create scientific racism.

    Tiffany’s – founded with profits from a cotton mill in Connecticut that processed slave-grown cotton.

    All these companies (and many more) need to put monies aside to reimburse Black Americans for the free labor they did.

    Not to mention the rape, torture, kidnapping, depriving education, thievery, family displacement, lynchings and murder, all crimes against humanity.

    The US knows slavery impacted every corner of the world. This is why they don’t talk about reparations for Blacks but gave reparations to the Jews for the Holocaust, This is what MLK talked about before he was murdered by the US.

    Black Slaves built the White House. Everything that’s worth talking about in US history leads to “you guessed it” SLAVERY! With that being said, Yes these companies need to pay if the company is worth 10 billion, then that company should pay 40% of that 10 billion and the US government should match every dime from each company.

    Quote Originally Posted by walrus View Post
    The sooner you realize that the quicker you can get over your self hatred.
    No self hatred with me.

    You're thorough! i don't apply everything you say to all whites as that is blanketing an entire race.

    Your response on (cracker) (honkey) origin?
    I was taught 1. The whip made a cracking sound, thus cracker isn't an insult, rather the cracker, cracks the whip. As taught by old relatives.
    By 1940 or so, the whites that drove to Harlem would make their presence known....they're here to pick up a blackwhore by honking the horn.
    This as well wasn't started as an insult.
    By 1970 it became an insult.
    Your take on origin?
    All's lost! Everything's going to shit!

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