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Thread: shame on modern boxers


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    Default Re: shame on modern boxers

    Quote Originally Posted by Beanflicker View Post
    The problem is boxing fans have a limited perspective. They look at the broad scope of boxing currently, but look at the highlights of boxing in the past.
    That’s a generalization. Some do, some don’t.

    For the most part, my biggest concern is that some are lead to believe whatever they read (hyperbole) rather than what they actually see (in relation to what they’re actually looking for).

    Quote Originally Posted by Beanflicker View Post
    I've never heard any great arguments as to why boxers would have been better back in the day (if you say it's because "life was harder", you're an idiot).
    Irony. Love it.
    Boxing is a sport born out of struggle and so it’s fair to say that tough times make tough fighters. Mentally tough fighters I mean.

    Quote Originally Posted by Beanflicker View Post
    If anything, with more advancements in nutrition, training knowledge and technology, athletes are better than they've ever been.
    Physically) Yes.

    Tactically) Maybe, maybe not. There is a certain traceability* from generation to generation which can be built upon but there also things that are lost.

    Mentally) No.

    *credit to @NVSemin for the term 'tracebility', bro you need to expand on that thread you started ,I've been waiting!
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