Frankly I'm just glad to see action returning in December as we've been in a massive drought This is a great match up and has been brewing for awhile with 22-0-1 Williams calling him out at every microphone and in my eye at least Jermall looks the lesser of the champion twin brothers as of late. A faded but step up in Trout was having some moments and Williams is levels above a 43 yr old K9. Still picking Charlo as he'll no doubt rise to the occasion but if he comes in sluggish and void of combination punching he may very well end up on his arse. Love the fight in what is a competitive 154 division, with or without the lil freckle faced fella

In what should probably have been the co main we get the Argentinian bulldozer Jesus Andres Cuellar 28-1 defending vs Abner Mares 29-2-1. Nice styles clash and both will be a full year out when the bell rings after the original date had to be rescheduled. In the name of Joseph Agbeko still talking in a high pitch voice I think Cuellar can wear Mares down at this point. Good scrap. Sergey Lipinets vs Leonardo Zappavinga as well.