So the clueless, unelected Prime minister has unsurprisingly revealed her intent to use Brexit as a cover to impose Tory ideology through the back door. So instead of removing power from the elite of the EU and carrying out her mandate to negotiate on behalf of British citizens and businesses, she has opened her dialogue with Europe by threatening to make the UK a corporate tax haven. Meanwhile Boris, the British bumbling equivalent of Twatter addicted Trump, has called anyone in Europe who does not agree with him a Nazi.Cruella de May has become so deluded that she actually believes rather than slowly dismantling social care and the NHS she is somehow an example of leadership. This from a former remainer who has 180'ed on leaving the single market and sat there as the NHS crumbles around her.So... Brexit, what do you think the realities of it will mean for you, your business, your family, your friends and/or work colleagues?Is there a plan? It's now firmly in the court of those who voted for it and yet other than cutting down on immigration there seems to be little in the way of new ideas for financial or cultural growth. It seems to have become a rush to the bottom. A little Britain in which even more services are sold to foreign multinationals and workers rights are eroded further in order to support the sponging elite.