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Thread: Charles "Kid" McCoy - Boxing Overviews - (New Youtube Series)

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    Default Re: Boxing Overviews - Charles "Kid" McCoy - (New Youtube Series)

    Quote Originally Posted by Vendettos View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Spicoli View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Vendettos View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Spicoli View Post
    Going to check it out later tonight. Also mate don't knock responses or lack there of too hard. It's not a you thing or this site thing. To be honest much of boxing feedback is stuck in the now. It's almost anti black n white film sometimes and in large part, unfortunately, when fans try to talk anything pre 40's and about you feel like it's talking to a wall. Fans tend to talk what they've actually 'lived' or experienced first hand. I came on here talking Harry Greb and had a couple more prominent posters shut me down simply because "no films exist". What..we don't read anymore
    Exactly mate, I feel like an idiot sometimes for mentioning Willie pep (who there is video on) just because he fought pre colour.

    I'll push through.. do my next one on Adrian broner 😂 like it's a pop up book for kids.
    Tons to dig into here mate information wise and sometimes sticking to what's lived is totally understandable. I for one do not dig back into the long gone eras like I once did. Not sure why. Others though are walking encyclopedias chalked full of research and lessons to learn. Use the 'search' option here and find some old Britkid or Marbleheadmaui (same) as well as many others who put in the research threads. Iaminuit..RIP loved that stuff. Sports fans in general have a way of sectioning the eras. Football, Baseball boxing etc etc. We remember "the greats" but there's a tendency to think that everything we know right NOW is superior and would beat player-fighter a,b and c.

    lemme ask ya..what made you take interest in McCoy? Quick reads make the ol boy sound like a proper whack job with the kidnappings, fouling tactics and general illegalities. How does a man get married 10 times . Are you doing these vids as a pre piece to bigger video biographies or randomly taking a look.
    Well I want to do bigger projects like documentaries on fighters however I am assessing my audience at the moment. No point in me spending hours and hours doing research and editing for 7 views. These 2 videos I have currently took over an hour each for 2 minute videos.

    I've always known of McCoy but I was doing a list for about boxers that went to prison ( )

    And that's where I learned about his past.

    I'm going to do a series about the chronology of boxing and how it got to where it is.

    Very interesting read that! But if I'm honest mate and just an opinion, do the research first and foremost for yourself and a topic has to have a genuine interest..boxing nerd 101 ..from which comes something to share. Build fan interest and such. I mean if its dependent upon a pre set view base you're already handcuffing yourself a bit. If its just views you want you'd do better posting videos of cats and kids falling over as hey, it's boxing and we're already in the back room off to the side of the bigger sports world. Not entirely but mostly. Editing and composing takes time. Shoot, it's same with researched threads and topics that can equally take an hour or more with limited to huge response. Keep plugging away at what you like.

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    Default Re: Charles "Kid" McCoy - Boxing Overviews - (New Youtube Series)

    Yh I agree with you on the research. I have researched for a long time just for pleasure.

    The overviews I'm posting are purely factual and in as much as a time line as I can get them.

    I will keep plugging away and hopefully you'll enjoy watching


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