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Thread: Goading people on Facebook

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    Default Re: Goading people on Facebook

    Quote Originally Posted by X View Post

    I don't know, you tell me ......

    Watwen Wong, LOL!
    Not a FB name, but a Dave Chapelle character named Phyuck Yiu in the World Series of Dice!

    All's lost! Everything's going to shit!

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    Default Re: Goading people on Facebook was posting

    Quote Originally Posted by Primo Carnera View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Dia bando View Post
    Haydn a friend of mine lost his wife two weeks backs he started posting a lot of mental health issues which I was thinking is heavy stuff.!
    Yesterday day I found out Haydn took his own life Saturday a drinking buddie great pity I am afraid he could not go on after Peggy passed away life can be shit.☹️
    That’s terrible. I’m sorry For your loss. To me , this is why Facebook is a poisonous crock of shit.
    It sounds like this poor fellah has tried to use FB as an emotional crutch. He’s vented his inner feelings in the hope that it could help in some way. And when he’s realised it can’t help, he’s decided that he can’t go on anymore. Tragic.
    Haydn could not carry on without his wife I just found out he had cancer as well Peggy was a nice woman cancer took her life.
    They had no kids just each other sad indeed.

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    Default Re: Goading people on Facebook


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    If God wanted us to be vegetarians, why are animals made of meat ?

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