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Sorry, when i edit links don't work so I'll go gather all links at once and put it in next post but here is Farmer

Man that's interesting. Farmer sounds like a guy more worried about losing a high ranking before it pays off more than Davis. He has multiple options but may be seriously over thinking it. I didn't realize Farmer just had surgery for a torn bicep he suffered in April fight and the ibf had already ordered a fight between he and Dib for official mandatory shot at Davis though. So he either fights Davis in very high profile but all or nothing shot on a month and a half notice fresh off injury or he takes more beatable Dib in official eliminator in September with more heal up and Davis will be ordered to face him as #1 anyway. Ideally anyway but looking like that I can see his thinking but that's assuming an awful lot as one cut, inspired opponent or spurned ranking body etc can change all. Be very interested to see who Davis faces now.