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What part of if an actual crime is committed local and State are there to and need to address it don't you get. And not sure why we'd be relying on pesky feds to be inserting themselves and patrolling City streets rather than just "guard muh Federal Courthouse" all of the sudden. They're not invited, not requested and just serving as Presidential prop pieces. You're cool with a President arbitrarily flooding in untrained anonymous Federal agents as he sees fit while ignoring all State officials and local law enforcement. All of whom are from the opposing political party. Ordering the same to gas clearly peaceful protesters in front of the WH and shield bashing their to clear paths for photo ops. No questions asked, no descent attempted. Cool. I get it. At the State or Fed level regardless, to approach legitimate protesters under the crutch of declaring all protesters on mass as 'violent terrorist rioters' is simply licking Trumps pre set plate clean. You've married looters with looooong overdue legitimate protests completely. It's a lie. There are great people speaking generational truth right now. Amazingly you don't have to totally agree with someone's political affiliations, opinion on societal issue or demand for justice to first defend their right to raise a voice when those in power..State AND Federal have abused their authority. That's a massive part of what has kept this experiment intact thus far.
The Democrat mayors are not only allowing this unrest to happen, they are actively encouraging it. Who controls the police in these cities? Who has the biggest pull in regards to state politics? The big cities and the big city mayors....all of them are DEMOCRATS. All of them see some sort of benefit in allowing/fomenting/exacerbating this kind of unrest. It's my belief that this will bite them in the ass

If the city and state police don't do their jobs then the Feds get called in. Trump has called for the National Guard to be utilized and rightfully so. The National Guard helped desegregate the South when local law enforcement were being overzealous with their tactics. So when the local LEO's aren't allowed or aren't of a mind to "fight crime" then I'm sorry someone needs to do the job or else you'll get something far worse and I believe you are well aware of that being a possibility.

DHS & ICE aren't "untrained" far from it.

Ah the photo op narrative ....AG Barr addressed that, now you might see Barr as Trump's lapdog, I think when it comes to law and order the AG is kind of out there on his own else we would have seen massive arrests already due to the hoax about Russia collusion and everything involved with that. Don't get me wrong, I think those are still coming, but I don't think Trump is dumb enough to assume that people would just accept the indictments coming from him or AG Barr without a metric shit ton of evidence and hard facts. Anyway, that's a discussion for a different day. The President went to visit a historic church which was burned during the "peaceful protests" and when the law enforcement agencies were escorting the President to that church they asked nicely for the protesters to move, they were met with PHYSICAL resistance in the form of projectiles and violence and then those people were rousted from the path....or would you have a President (any President mind you) walk through that? Would that be safe?

I believe the crux of our disagreement here is on the discernment between PROTESTERS and RIOTERS....my belief is that the Protests have been co-opted by violent anarchists. That isn't to say protests aren't happening or shouldn't happen it's to say that this is how the rioting and looting has happened, it's been under the guise of "It's just a protest" and from that protest agitators (who know full well what they are doing and they ARE organized) create havoc....not to mention the how many prisoners have been released recently due to COVID?

I believe Democrat Mayors COULD control this chaos, I believe they don't WANT to control this chaos as they think it makes Trump look bad. I also think they've misread the room.

I don't mean you any insult in strongly disagreeing with you Spicoli. I imagine that we are both quite tired of how things have been going and we simply see the problem stemming from two different sources. I also think we would both like a return to "normal" whatever that is these days....but that's what I think.