Sooo... there I was, watching an NFL game between the LA Rams and Seattle Seahawks this afternoon in LA.... when one of the Seahawks scores a touchdown and trots over to the stands to hand the football to a fan. At first I thought maybe it was a family member or something, since the Seahawks were the visiting team and I doubt he was going to give it to a Rams fan. But it turned out to be good ol' Floyd Mayweather. There he was, looking all giddy at having received a game ball. Later in the game an LA Ram scored, and he did the same thing. They showed Floyd's mug on TV quite a few times, obviously thrilled at having such a well known sports personality at a football game being all fan-like. I don't imagine there being too many other boxers who would've gotten the same type of treatment, which speaks volumes about Floyd's recognition factor. From a football standpoint, his seats (his and his entourage) were shit... being at one of the end zones and all that. End zone seats at field level have to be among the worst seats for watching a football game. I like 50-yard line seats about a quarter to halfway up. I chuckled at one of the Tweets I read..... "Like Floyd needs more shit." LOL.

I'll say this.... Floyd might miss the ring and the adulation.... but he's definitely enjoying his retirement with his faculties intact.