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Every great man has a self induced scar. Walrus self harms regularly by breaking bones and things. Every man does this. Even a tattoo is an act of self sabotage.

With this statement alone, the prosecution rests.

When one is attempting to have an adult conversation, and something like this is said, it's best to look away so the chuckle won't be too obvious.
Damn miles and Brock figured me out. A little self harm never hurt anyone. I disliked like your post just for the fun of it, I do it too master all the time. Let me dislike your other one now. By the way, Kim is the man, that hairstyle does it for me. Kim is the central bank and congress (actually China is) but u gotta love best Korea. Vietnam and other wars are in the past. I don’t blame Germany or japan for WW2 anymore. Every country has sin. Best Korea needs to fix things up, if the starvation stories are accuarate it is worse than invading another country, it is war on your own people.