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We stopped war games but they can be started if need be. This isn’t new news, there have been other reports NK is building things seen on satellite. Fact is when obama left office he told trump this was the biggest threat we were dealing with and for a time it seemed like war was inevitable, or a lot of people were calling for it. We don’t know for sure if best Korea isn’t doing something funky behind the scenes but from what it was a year or two, and longer, and does seem calmer. Could be a snow job nonetheless
The way I see it. The South has stopped the provocative drills and in turn the rocket lobbing has stopped. Diplomatically there has been a lot of progress made. I think this thread is a lot of hot air over nothing. Nothing in the media here is over the top like CNN. Whenever I go home people ask me 'Do you not fear the crazy North?' and I always have to tell them that they live in project media fear. They are much more concerned and bothered because their media sells them fear 24/7. It isn't like that out here. Even at the height of the crisis I knew someone with an in law fairly high up in the military who laughed it all off over dinner saying it was all under control. Turned out he was completely right. Obviously I was quite concerned myself until that point. Do not believe everything you hear in the media. When the rockets start flying pay attention, but otherwise, take things with a pinch of salt. North Korea hasn't been building airports, golf courses and beach resorts for fun. There is an obvious plan. Tito ranting about mental instability is ironic really. I do not agree with the regime, but it is definitely working with an agenda and that does not seem to be war. I have a friend going there next year actually. Trying to get me to go, but I am not having it as I know it is not a proper open holiday and do not endorse it as it is.