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Miles Miles Miles..... you sad, metrosexual pussywhipped little person..... you get soooo personal about things. I wish you could be a happier soul, but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much hope for you. Tell you what..... I'll pray for you.
That's what we do with lost souls such as yourself.

You again resort to island insults in the hopes of getting a rise out of me, and all you're succeeding in doing is putting your sad little petty, pitiful self out there for all to see. I feel "verguenza ajena"..... a sort of 3rd party embarrassment one gets when someone's making a fool of themselves.

Let's not even mention that NK has fuck all to do with PR, 'cause that's rather obvious and this is just an argument between me and, well....... your little pitiful self. Beanz is gone, but I'm here to put you in your place and slap you down like the adolescent, pipsqueak, princess, prancing little queen you are. But I do it for your own good.

Are you so hurt that I would talk about assassinating Jong-Un? Geez, little dude..... take a pill for that. You ARE capable of discussing something civilly without getting your panties in a knot, aren't you? If I thought you'd take it so personally, I would've thought twice about it. Relax princess..... I haven't put out a hit on Baby Huey...... ok?

Walrus humors you and talks about having a crush on you, but in real life he must feel sorry for you, like most of us here do. Remember, you've put a lot of your personal life out there, so we all happen to know all the little phases you've gone through..... from wanting to cut yourself with razor blades, to rhapsodizing about what color hair looks better on you, to having diaries where you write your shit (I don't know about your planet..... but in this planet only teenage girls keep diaries), and all sorts of other weird stuff. And still we like to have you around for the comic entertainment value. Although I must say..... you've fallen down on the job regarding your Brock Crusade Thread. I'm extremely disappointed in your for that. You need to pick that shit back up, little dude.

Listen babe.... I sense you're the one with anger management issues. They come out periodically on here. Wanting to punch babies..... getting all frothy at the mouth regarding Special Olympics.... not to mention the wars you carried on for years with Beanz. We know your life isn't all peaches and cream. You're a frustrated English teacher living in a country not your own, because you can't cut it where you're from. I get it. It must be fucking frustrating. Then you've had these sexual identity issues which you've plastered all over the forum, wanting us to give you a hand in identifying which gender you actually belong to. That's all well and good. I feel like we've formed part of that growing up process you're obviously still going through. And frankly I'm proud to have put my little grain of sand in that process. I'll take the credit, but not the blame.

The part of not being able to cut it back in England must be tough, I know. So you're reduced to criticizing the country from afar without actually having to personally contribute anything to it. Pretty pathetic, and something Beanz used to ream your ass over. It takes a certain type of person to persevere and adapt.... and not all of us are cut out of that cloth. The sexual identity part is a tougher nut to crack, though. You're married..... not that THAT proves anything. Lots of married men are just covering for their homosexual tendencies. I've read that makes them angry and petty.... having to hide their true selves. Does your wife know you're dying to come out of the closet? It's gonna happen one day, you know. You're not a heavy drinker (again from your personal diaries).... so all it takes is one too many drinks and that shit will come flying out of you like a gay tidal wave. Oh well..... your marriage will be ruined..... but the pressure will be off. You'll be free like a little hummingbird, and maybe turn into a kinder, gentler soul.

But back to Korea, babe. So you're suggesting that back when Kim Jong-Un was threatening about nuking Guam and Alaska..... are you suggesting that all of that should've been shrugged off and ignored? Isn't that kind of a double standard? Don't you rake American leaders over the coals for much less than that? Why is your hate for the U.S. and your love for NK so strong and full of childish hatred? Why are you so incapable of discussing these topics without resorting to grammar school sandlot fights? I don't get you, Miles.

Know what I think? I think in the 10+ years some of us have been here, I've observed subtle changes in everyone here except you. You've remained in some sort of time warp where your level of maturity has remained the same or even dropped in the number of years you've been here. Your style of fighting is the same..... your comical chest-beating is the same..... your know-it-all banter based on questionable sources remains the same. Everything about you remains the same. You're the same Saddo Court Jester we've enjoyed having here since you first joined. Cheers for that. You certainly are entertaining.

Nothing personal babe. Just saying it like it is.

Is that the best you have got having called for the assassination of a leader
? Hair color, razor blades, and alcohol? I am absolutely devastated. For a man that one allegedly couldn't get a rise out of, you sure have gone to a lot of effort and I knew you would as I can read you like a book. Not a very interesting book mind you as it is is the kind square nonsense that you see in a CNN article. It is as limp as your music taste and all that flamenco nonsense. Unlike the average Puerto Rican I have not abandoned a baby and left a woman on welfare that the government cannot even afford, so all things considered I would look in your own backyard first before questioning how decent I am. Unlike half the people in your country I have never harmed the outcome of a child. Unlike all of the people in your country I have never put at financial risk the future of a child. You should sort yourselves out before looking to KILL the leaders of countries that have nothing to do with you.

The problem with you Tito is that I know exactly what you are like and have seen the kinds of messages you send people and how you respond when people criticize your bankrupt island. Beanz, Beanz, Beanz, Beanz.....you are more obsessed with him than Brock ever was. Every time we have one of these 'exchanges' you bring him up. I don't bring him up. He is dead to me, but you are obsessed. I know that you hate Brock and we saw how you flew off the handle several times because he found you easy to wind up. You are very easy to get a rise out of.

Still good job on abstaining from the water sports. I guess you are growing. Oh, but then the assassination based on a CNN report. Still a long way to go. You are old already so good luck with that.

If Baby Huey were to suddenly kick the bucket, NK would be a lot better off. They might get a leader more interested in the "boring" aspects of political life, like making sure his constituents were actually happy and well cared for, than wanting to get a seat at the world leaders table, and wanting to umpteenth his nuke capacity. But I realize these concepts are a bit complicated for an underdeveloped bloke such as yourself. You see the world with blinders..... and throw childish barbs at anyone who doesn't share your simplistic view of the world. If you want to believe the caricature-like facades published about the wonderful life North Koreans are living..... suit yourself. You are just as much a part of the flock of sheep as they are.

Speaking of babies..... the best thing you've done in your young life is never having children, Miles. I'll give you that. You had sense enough not to bring children into this world to be raised by someone who admittedly had a twisted, tortured childhood that has shaped every aspect of your personality. The last thing the world needs is a bunch of little Miles running around. Thankfully your seed will die with you.

"The problem with you"..... "the problem with you"..... "the problem with you". Pretty self-aggrandizing for someone still in mental puberty. Yes I mention Beanz because you're the biggest reason he is currently banned, and the only saving grace in all of that is that Brock is banned also. Beanz was a perpetually angry man, but I must say I enjoyed reading his verbal reamings of you, to which you could only stammer your same old tired, inadequate comebacks. He and I fought plenty before your own dirty war..... but with Beanz I felt I was arguing with an adult. An angry adult, mind you..... but an adult just the same.

Brock managed to anger me a bit with his hypocrisy.... but that was ended and over with swiftly. With you I just toy with your malleable, predictable mind. I rather enjoy ridiculing you, I hope you don't mind. It's easy, and fun.

A bit puzzled about the water sports line. Must be that English ex-pat sense of humor I haven't quite grasped yet.