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1. Did you come to the conclusion that the earth was flat after watching lots of Youtube videos? or did videos play no part in convincing you?

2. Have you had any other awakenings ? I mean by that are there any other things you believe are huge false coverups. What many would call conspiracy theories. I ask because this seems to be the case with you views on the Holocaust. 9/11? Sandy Hook? Fluoride in the water etc?

3. Has discovering the earth is flat given your life some added value and meaning? I mean by that is it freeing do you feel less suppressed and more empowered in your life?

4. Do you then believe that you are more aware than virtually every scientist on earth ? Have you conducted more experiments than them?

5. Did Hitler go to Antartica and see the edge of the earth?

6. What is the motivation behind ever scientist, explorer, etc repeating the lie that the earth is a globe and inventing the science, producing the fake images and inventing products that prove it?

7. What proof led you to believe the ideology that would motivate these globe pushers has gone on for centuries ? Did you discover that it is a religious or some kind of international cult?

8. Could you provide some simple experiments you have undertaken to prove the earth is flat which we can reproduce at home please?

1. It was brought to my attention in 2009 in conversation. Where I originally thought it was crazy and didn’t think much about it past that day. Then again in December 2015, just before New Years it was brought up again in conversations over several days. Come January 2016 I had put aside the belief that I live on a spinning ball in a vacuum. Most of it was reading, then testing what I had researched. As for YouTube, once I started watching back then, guys like Dubay, Boylan, Bales and of course Sargent were producing content that added to my research. No, the videos did not convince me. Science (and I’ll define that for you, natural science) did. Things like the trivium, the quadrivium, the Socratic method, Euclid, I had already done a load of physics papers.

2. I know there are plenty of huge false cover ups. Once the veil drops about the globe, you soon realize how much you assumed you knew. Like Yoda says, “You must unlearn, what you have learned.

3. Lots of added value and meaning. I feel more empowered as an individual.

4. Appeal to authority fallacy.

5. Strawman. Can you tell me about this edge you are talking about?

6. I can’t speak for the motivations of others, I have many speculations, but I’m sure you can research that info and discern for yourself. 50 million or so a day for NASA is a good starting place. The why is irrelevant to me as it’s nothing quantifiable, measurable or demonstrable for the shape of the earth.

7. Basically, the same as 6.

8. I’m not trying to prove the earth is flat. I am questioning the claims of the globe using natural and applied science. I’m sure you can find many yourself, but just start with water, make some predictions and test it. Then move onto pressure. Then motion and applied pressure. Then some geometry. Basically, just put every aspect and claim of the globe through the scientific method.

Hope that helps. Now just one question from me for now:

Are you able to provide a practical demonstration for the affirmative claim of a standing body of water naturally conforming to the exterior of a shape?
Thank you for taking the time out to answer.

First let me address your question.

Short Answer - No

Real Answer - No because it is an incredibly dishonest and stupid question that would require the invention of several new realities to even begin to address it.

Expanded Answer -

I will start by admitting i don't really know what you mean by an affirmative claim. That sounds like an insurance term, but if you are referring to Philosophy and the burden of proof, then I am not going to get into a game of onus tennis. For the majority of people it would surely be commonly agreed that you are the one making an extraordinary claim but putting that to one side let us look again at your question.

This claim you keep positing is not a claim made by ANYONE... EVER in the threads or discussions here concerning your theory of a flat earth. This is perhaps the clearest indication of how your belief is only able to be maintained with huge amounts of constant intellectual dishonesty on your part. Much like the idea put forward by you, that only evidence seen with your own eyes is admissible in building a cogent model of history and science. An idea you completely rejected when using fake photographs to try and lend your holocaust denial theories some..i was going to say gravitas.. but let's say weight instead.

Nobody claimed that the oceans ( standing bodies of water) conformed to the exterior of a shape or the globe. Quite the opposite. They fill basins and containers. The question you should be asking is why does the water not fly into space? The majority of people on earth accept the best possible explanation for this we have arrived at as humans and call it Gravity. You have already made it clear you do not believe in gravity and so will need to explain to us why birds do not shoot off into space, why the sun doesn't fall on us, why water flows even? Do you believe water flows ?

Another problem with your pseudo question is the assumption that you can model the earth to scale, complete with all the forces of physics that act upon it. The biggest problem though, and the Elephant in the Room, is the ludicrous idea that we should be able to stand outside of the planet we are on, flat or spherical and conduct this experiment independent of the forces of this planet. The biggest problem though is that you will never believe any practical demonstration anyway unless you witness it first hand.