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If someone chooses to change their sex then that's their business, however, in a sporting environment particularly in boxing, you have to consider why they have categories and weight divisions... for example...

Katie Taylor v Vasyl Lomachenko - both the same weight (lightweight) and both regarded as the best fighters in their category.

Is a 10 stone man always going to be stronger than a 10 stone woman? Who knows... lets put them in the ring?

Taylor or Lomachenko... Who wins and why

Well there was the time undefeated women's kick boxing champion took on a 21 year old fellow who was Australasian may Thai champ or something along those lines. Rijker was knocked out fairly easily.

But obviously lucija rijker is no katie taylor so kayie taylor would win easy, ud of course.

I'd also like to see master take on taylor so I'm all for Transgender people in boxing
I would literally fuck Taylor.