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If not, I'll start with one.

"Parrot taken into custody by police in Brazil for trying to warn drug dealers of raid"................................................

Assuming this story is on the up-and-up, and not some Fake News B.S., the following questions come to mind:

1. Did the parrot get its rights read to it as it was being taken into custody?

2. What went wrong? Was the parrot distracted and noticed the incoming raid too late? Were the drug dealers distracted and failed to notice the parrot's warnings? Is it a language problem? Insufficient training?

3. What happens now? Will the police try and coerce the parrot into talking? Is there a plea bargain in the making?

4. Will demand increase for trained lookout parrots? Dogs are no good. They bark at any damn thing. Parrots can talk.

5. Will the parrot do any hard time? Where?

6. If the parrot cooperates, will it be offered the Witness Protection Program?

Inquiring minds want to know.