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What Benjamin says

"Once again BuzzFeed position themselves as the progressive joke police. I stand behind David Baddiel's justification about why any subject can be the subject of a joke. The alternative is a world devoid of humour, the essential tool we use to reduce the horror of events that are beyond our control"

What Baddiel actually saidKate McCann says, "So it's acceptable to joke about raping a woman?" And Carl Benjamin says - well, shouts - "YES! ANY QUESTIONS?" The thing is Carl: you don't look like you're joking. You look like you're consumed with rage.
1. What does this have to do with Tommy Robinson and legal bias? You blame others for 'derailing threads', but do just that.

2. Most people here think you sound angry and frustrated, but you say you aren't. Maybe he is a bit like you? Or maybe you just want him to be angry thus making you a bit of a hypocrite. I mean, he really seems more upset about belittling male issues more than anything. Oh, and media smears and lies.

Of course in a sardonic or jokey comment anything goes. But if it doesn't look like he is joking? Well, I am quite convinced that the married father is not joking when he says he wouldn't rape her. You have a humor bypass. In the old days Derek and Clive and Rik Mayall would say whatever they liked and people either laughed or turned it off. You are the forum Mary Whitehouse.

You could always ask him, politely of course too in case he is really, really angry, but you won't talk to 'nobodies'. Thus you hide behind your keyboard going 'Waah! He won't rape someone!' It is so weird.