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Certainly the pendulum is starting to swing a little bit isn't it. Used to be Wilder hadn't fought anybody. Well... he's slowly working on that isn't he. Seems Wladimir was the only entry on AJ's resume his fans needed to mention to cancel out anything Wilder had done. Who's AJ fighting next again? And who has he fought lately? Just askin' Argument was Wilder was fighting in front of 5,000 people in the backwoods of Alabama. Seems he's slowly warming up to the U.S. heavyweight fandom consciousness isn't he.
Wanna make it about number of belts? Sure..... ok. AJ has the most number of trinkets. If that's the argument.... we have nothing to talk about.
He knocked over a tomato can. Breazeale dropped his hands and basically asked to get knocked out. Wilder lost his last fight against Fury and got a gift decision. On Saturday he fought in front of what the Guardian called : the charitably announced crowd of 13,181 so that's a half full at best arena and maybe half of the people there probably got free tickets. Was the fight PPV in America? I don't think it was, was it. Wilder has a right hand that can knock anybody out but nobody over there seems to be too excited about him. When he's in against somebody who isn't a can he doesn't look so good.
America is odd with its boxing gates, not sure why that matters though. A guy like RJJ won the HW title in Vegas with a 1/2 empty Mack Center, does that matter in anyway to a fan?

Cassius Clay won a title fighting Liston to an empty house as well.

Other than Texas, California & Madison Square garden, rarely do fighters pack the house be it Bradley, Ward, former champs to name a few.

And kinda perplexed on you calling Brezealle a Tomato can was he that when he fought AJ? It seems then that the whole HW division is always overloaded with tomato cans, to which Wilder saw it as a mandatory, should he lose his belt for that?
Reminds me of when Bernard Hopkins took a lot of flack...and deserved it...for fighting a no namer Morrade Hakkar a mandatory.

Who is there for DW or AJ to fight? And if these guys are better than Brezealle I can only question who did they fight to relinquish the tomato can label that has been applied to Dominic?
Clay and Liston were both unpopular with boxing fans when they fought. RJJ managed to be unpopular with fans throughout his career. He's said quite rightly his surly attitude in front of the cameras cost him endless millions. If he'd just smiled and been polite for the cameras like SRL he could have had a different career. Guys like Tyson, Leonard and Hearns never had problems selling tickets, did they? Despite the right hand Wilder still hasn't convinced American boxing fans that he's something worth turning out for. It won't hurt if he keeps sparking people like that but his next fight could end up being another life or death twelve rounder with that superannuated Cuban.

I'm calling Breazeale a can based on the fact that facing somebody with a known weapon he couldn't even manage to keep his left hand up for three minutes. If you're going to stand in front of a bazooka right hand in a world title fight and drop your left you a. deserve everything you get and b. shouldn't be in the ring in the first place. On the night the guy did a perfect impression of a tomato can and still managed to wobble Wilder and have him hanging on with the only decent punch he threw.