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Thread: Golovkin-Rolls Makes The Case For Internet Piracy

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    Default Re: Golovkin-Rolls Makes The Case For Internet Piracy

    Quote Originally Posted by SlimTrae View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by mrbig1 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by El Kabong View Post
    GGG looked like shit until the KO...the KO was nice though
    I disagree sir. Rolls was fighting his ass off. those right hands were bombs. It's just that GGG is one tough S.O.B. GGG has the true heart of a Champion.
    I agree as well.

    I persued punchstats for a few minutes to see how much more he's getting tagged. Alvarez last fight caught him 169.

    His 2 round fight with Rubio, he got hit 15 times in 1st round.
    Jacobs fights he got hit in the double digits from round 3-12. Hit 175. he got credit for landing 4 more than Canelo II.
    1st 4 rounds with Brook he got tagged 19-21-25-14 times per round..if we were to average out Canelo 169 in 6 rounds, that would be 70. or 69 for Brook a disparity of one punch.

    Out of the 3 rounds he went with Macklin, would land double digits 2 out of the 3 rounds, excluding the one he got stopped in.

    Out of the 3 round he went with Geale, he got his double digits in all 3 rounds. 15 times in the 1st round. & 12 in the round he stopped him in.

    Out of 2 rounds against Matiroysan, he got tagged 12 times first round.

    And against Rolls, he got tagged 38 times over 4 rounds, seems to be on par with his prime and early years.
    I take it that he has good defense, not awesome defense.

    I always credited him for having a durable chin because he got hit enough to come to such a conclusion. His greatest asset IMO is his chin, endurance & punching power. Never saw him as a virtuoso at blocking or slipping shots. So for me, Rolls is given no credit because he hasn't been promoted as a great fighter.

    Rolls brought it, but like others, regardless of how many rounds it takes for GGG to end it...he will take some.
    Well argued.

    GGG doesn't seem to mind getting hit. Surely he feels it as he is human, but he seems to be sure of his ability to take a punch. Some fighters are just more durable than others. He was tagged easily against Rolls, but a little bit like with Brook just seemed to be 'giving big drama show' and then ploughed on for the stoppage. MgjXFbc0u9YrZkuInoB

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    Default Re: Golovkin-Rolls Makes The Case For Internet Piracy

    The excuses people make for GGG getting hit directly contradict what GGG says himself

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    Default Re: Golovkin-Rolls Makes The Case For Internet Piracy

    Magno is a Canelo lover. He is a Mexican. Comprende!
    Last edited by holmcall; 06-19-2019 at 12:22 PM.

    “If you want loyalty, buy a dog.” Ricky Hatton

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    Default Re: Golovkin-Rolls Makes The Case For Internet Piracy

    I don’t get all this complaining. I see more boxing these days. There are always going to be shit fights and we never get to see the fights we want in a timely manner. It’s just a lot more boxing with the same shit. But at least we get an upset or two and a real fight more often than without all this additional promotion. Not to leave out boxers are getting bigger pay.

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