Denilson, I will go through your points in numerical form and be concise as your post was too long and I cannot post it.

1. I have been called racist a number of times, but don't really care. I will stand by data and science and if that is thought crime, then I take it on the chin, bad boy.
2. You didn't read the second post in this thread. This thread is about first world problems. Regardless, if I was to go and work in Kenya, then I would be earning a few dollars a day like anyone else. It is enough to give you what you need in the environment you are in. Nobody is dying in the millions because of poverty there.
3. I was not Born in the USA. I am not Bruce Springsteen. However, though it is true that someone born poor is unable to suddenly produce a million dollars, there is no reason why someone cannot save a portion of their income and invest it wisely thus giving themselves a greater cushion in life. I worked for a low wage in the UK, but where did it go? On fun. Have less fun and, hey presto, you save money on a low wage! Amazing right?
4. You say there is no social mobility, but with good guidance any smart person can do something that pays reasonably well. Forget dreams of millions of dollars like Beyonce, but a real life in the here and now and people can be vets, doctors, teachers, scientists, fitness instructors. These are not all the realm of the super elite. But you do need discipline, guidance and smarts!
5. This is where I think broken families and a lack of role models is the biggest issue and that is on parents to display RESPONSIBILITY towards those they bring into the world.
6. Yes, I do think the bulk of poor people remain so as a choice. Certainly in the West.
7. See, you are citing billionaires. Those are not good examples as they are the exceptions rather than the norm. I am talking about the real world that we can all inhabit and why people choose to be poor. Of course most people are not going to become the new Bill Gates. That does not mean a working class person cannot become comfortable and live a middle class lifestyle with good decisions though. Compounding is not complicated, put 20 pounds a week away from the age of 18 and it will compound. You won't become a twat like Zuckerberg, but you will have more than the many who didn't do that. Decisions.
8. No, in the UK no race is more advantaged than any other race legally, but personal decisions are another matter and that is where inequality comes from. It is one of the most racially tolerant places in the world.
9. I am naturally smart, so obviously I have no issues passing courses, interviews and things of this nature. I don't feel my poverty ever held me back beyond not making better decisions sooner, having emotional damage, and lacking guidance earlier. If I could do it all again, I would be in medicine now. Broken families are a hurdle for ANYONE.
10. No, the average drug dealer would likely not be a great CEO. If he wanted to though he could take a business course and maybe try and get into a company like other people do. A clean criminal record would help for the interview process.
11. What is this white privilege that I have? I know a black person in the same position as me. Paid the same, treated the same. Seems pretty equal and based on ability to me.
12. I want no sympathy at all as I do not stay poor, bank each month, and have all I need. Didn't even need to sell drugs, but I guess that is because of my privilege.

Pull yourself together, Dennis. We will help you get a job, give you investment advice, and get you through. Not all white men are out to get you.