I just ordered a seiko today. Automatic, meaning no battery no winding. It was for sale for 70 bucks on amazon couldn’t resist. The dial is unique it’s marked from 5to55 instead of the usually 1to12. A lot more work goes into automatics and I’m always impressed seikos can put out 50 dollar automatics. Yes I have expensive watches but I have plenty of cheap ones I love. I have a Vostok which was made in Russia during the Soviet Union the my Omega, Rolex, Movado, Bulova and several from the 30’s and 40’s. I’m putting together a 1940 Benrus fight now but I need to hand make some parts as they can’t be found unless I find one someone is tossing. Watches keep us grounded into the old school. X I know you have some incredible watches I figure you could donate me a couple, I’m going in for surgery that will leave me out of commission for 3 months or I can buy one or two of your lesser ones. Do you have a speed master for me.