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Thread: Vicious Puncher's

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    Default Re: Vicious Puncher's

    Quote Originally Posted by Master View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by p4pking View Post
    I think your question is kind of an error, as guys wont punch “viciously” if they dont have some power, as that doesnt give them the best chance to win. How about Erik morales though? Obviously hit hard enough, but most of the damage done was in combination and as a result of technique.
    Maybe it could be better re-phrased but I was not talking about power. For instance Julio Ceaser Chavez was not a hard concussive puncher but he punched with venom and hurt his opponents in a vicious and barbaric way until they dropped. Whereas Pernell Whitaker was a master boxer and technician who preferred to outbox his opponent be content to win the rounds and win by decision if required.

    If that does not make sense please ignore the thread and move on with your life.
    @TitoFan made it clear. Been so long since he was a LW, we just remember him going the distance with DLH, Wright, Forrest & co.
    Before his 1st loss he was 37-0 with about 33/34 kos. Eve looking at his last 10 fights 4-5-1...he still retired with a 67% KO ratio. He was nasty at LW, but he chased the Golden Egg pass LW aka DLH, then found himself fighting guys way beyond his best weight.

    The beating he put on Margarito IMO was proof that had he been able to maintain 140? he would've KO'd most with what he dished out to Rito. But then again Rito stood up to Pac rearranging his bone structure free of plaster!
    All's lost! Everything's going to shit!

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    Default Re: Vicious Puncher's

    Miguel Cotto at 140 pounds and Kelly Pavlik
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