This is a last ditch attempt at civil conversation between those in endless wars.

None of us is beyond some criticism, right? So can we dispense with the boulder-on-shoulder defensiveness and trying to see who can get the best quip in? Are we capable of having an honest-to-goodness conversation, even if we don't agree on many things?

Honestly... I feel none of this nonsense would last if we were all of a sudden face to face. Not because we'd kill each other, but because when face to face with someone, usually you make an attempt at getting along. I mean, we're all above 15 here, right?

So this is an open invitation for anyone to come in here and express yourselves, even if it's criticism. It'll be well accepted if it's constructively expressed.

How about it? Any takers?

First if I may..... maybe a rule or two. If you feel like you need to offend and/or insult somebody, please take it outside (another thread). We got plenty of those to go around.