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I think there is a very solid observation if the IQ differences are all occurring in the same nation as in the US. It seems pretty cut and dry in terms of the research into race and IQ. There are of course exceptional people in any group and there are unexceptional people in any group, but it just means that as a whole the intelligence levels are significantly different. Thus it is that the East Asians in America perform the best in terms of family structure, academic performance, and overall economic outcomes. There are the Ashkenazi Jews too of course who fly off the radar when it comes to IQ. In saying that of course you treat everyone as an individual and so one can either perform well on an intelligence test or they can't. The controversy is really about nature versus nurture rather than if there are differences. It is undeniable unless we are going to burn the plethora of research data compiled over decades and delete it from the Internet.

I get why it is sticky, but I just think people should be treated as individuals thus no affirmative action and reduced welfare incentives and let the genuinely talented rise. By looking at IQ we learn about behavior too thus we can see who is more likely to be a single Mum or a criminal and so on. It is not absolute by any stretch, but by just preaching racism and social injustice is not really the full picture. The left wants to eliminate IQ debate as it means accepting that we simply are not all the same from an intelligence basis. However, we are of course all people and should aspire to better performance.
Here's a question I've asked many times from you guys who are always running around trying to prove how stupid black people are.

What do you do with a race of black people who you claim are dumb (ON average) ?

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Now what ?

And that's were guys like you wimp out when it's comes to the doing part. And that's thing about white supremacy "Tell black people what they are but never say what we are gonna do"

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If whites turned around and said "We are gonna finally stop telling black ppl what they are and we are gonna tell them what we are gonna do. Tune in at 9"

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Stop talking. Stop trying to prove points. We don't need points. Either do justice or let's just get it on for the last time and for the final time

He explains the points so people like you can understand. It isn't about you being black or white is just because you are a total fuckwit with a inferiority complex, nobody else here gives a crap about colour only you.
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