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Thread: The "Can We Keep it Civil?" Thread


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    Default Re: The "Can We Keep it Civil?" Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Gandalf View Post
    encourage self responsibility, family planning
    What does that mean ? How do you encourage self responsibility, family planning in system of racism - white surpemacy

    You talk in vague cliches . Talk specific

    Quote Originally Posted by Gandalf View Post
    and let nature run its course.
    What does that mean ? Talk specific. Once again vague.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gandalf View Post
    I do not see black people as anything other than human and like any group they can aspire to do better.
    You are making an explicatory argument.

    You’re saying black IQ is lower, in general, because blacks are “naturally” less intelligent. That sort of exceptionally radical statement needs exceptionally radical proof to back it up. Proof you don't have.

    The racial designations that we currently use are principally based on three characteristics.

    !) Facial structure
    2) Skin color
    3) Hair texture.

    Those are things that are controlled by six genes out of thirty thousand genes in the human genome and those genes have never been shown by any geneticist on the planet, any biologist on the planet, to be connected, or what geneticists call “concordant,” with any other trait known as intelligence

    But let me take a wild guess. You’ll concede that blacks are better at bouncing balls, running fast, and brute strength and also funny. Right ? But not that smart and Asians are human calculators and are therefore good at science. They’re smart, but can’t think individually and aren’t creative.

    But whites are really the genetically chosen ones.

    What a surprise

    The people who have the best mix of genes and abilities to make them the natural leaders of the world. Their genetics makes them overall dominant, even if they do make a few small concessions to other races here and there.

    You assume “race” in humans as a biological fact without delivering a precise, uncontested biological definition

    Quote Originally Posted by Gandalf View Post
    Instead it is slavery this and slavery that,
    You brought up slavery. Not me.

    Slavery was merely a big part of a system of white supremacy (e.g. Slavery, Jim Crow, redlining, etc.) that explicitly and overtly benefitted whites economically, socially and legally well into the 1970s

    Quote Originally Posted by Gandalf View Post
    when even the white man was in effect a slave several centuries back too.

    But what you leave out is that white men (like say Irish men who were mainly slaves) got to where they are because of racism.

    The Irish did not suffer from hundreds of years of slavery - Because they were White.
    The Irish could vote by the 1860s, not the 1960s – Because they were White.
    The Irish qualified for the Homestead Act, the G.I. Bill and FHA loans – Because they were White.
    The Irish could live in nice neighbourhoods and go to nice schools – Because they were White.

    And whatever stereotypes white men who were slaves have had they does not impact them now.

    If you fill out a job application TODAY : No one cares if you are Irish.

    • No one follows you around in the store.
    • No one assumes you are lazy.
    • No one assumes your child-like and can’t take care of yourself.
    • No one assumes you're criminal.
    • No one tells you are so much better off in America so you should be glad your ancestors were slaves.
    • No one acts like they did you a favor or saved you from a backwardness.
    • No one displays your human reminds as primitive until the late 70s.
    • You don't have to radically change/permanently alter a feature of your body to become accepted or get employment (like hair for example).

    You're just another white person.

    The same cannot be said for a black person. And how does this relates to slavery ?

    The stereotypes were created during slavery as an excuse for enslaving blacks (we are childlike and need guidance, can’t take of ourselves need white help/masters, black women are sex-hungry, baby making machines to explain all the mixed children running around).

    Or they were created after slavery to keep whites at the top and blacks at the bottom.

    These stereotypes of blacks are to this day are still widely held and even defended by white folks and a few misguided blacks.

    None of them are new. They are very old and they are based in slavery and it’s immediate aftermath.

    White men never dealt with legalized segregation. Never were they treated as livestock rather than people in this country. All this shape- shifting sh*t your doing to try and claim that you don’t have white privilege or have not participated in a white supremacist society.

    I think it's grotesque and monumentally repugnant of white ppl who want to own victim-hood whilst being FUCKING steeped in white privilege and patronizingly conflate their specific white ethnic problems within white dominance and project that onto black people and foist upon the very people (Black people) who have absolutely nothing to do with their (Irish) past oppression,

    And THEN you try to equate your history as similar to that of black history, thereby relinquishing any culpability emanating from THEIR OWN oppression/racism of black people all the while enjoying the ill-gotten fruits of white superiority.

    Why don't you direct your complaints of ‘Irish oppression’ to you fellow white Anglo-Saxon brethren ? Why to Black people?

    Black people have never enslaved or oppressed white people.

    You have the nerve to sit there trying to garner sympathy whilst exonerating yourself of racism, from the very people (Black people) whom whites oppress and continue to do so.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gandalf View Post
    Times change, systems change,
    Not really.

    Black people according to:

    1. Thomas Jefferson in 1787: less intelligence, more sex drive, more likely to break the law, less self-control
    2. Guys like you in 2019 : less intelligence, more sex drive, more likely to break the law, less self-control

    Science makes progress though discovery and disproof. It tries to knock down its own ideas because disproof is way easier than proof. It loves facts that do not fit because they point to new ideas and discoveries.

    True science would find surprises, it would challenge old ideas, it would deepen our understanding. Guys like you do none of that – you just puts a fresh coat of paint of long words on ideas that go back to the slave owners and slave traders of the 1700s.

    Guys like you never makes new discoveries that go against its claims.

    And that's thing, white people have been saying black people are stupid for over 250 years. Long before the IQ. But you guys act like, everything was hunky dory and this IQ thing and enlightened everyone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gandalf View Post
    and in this one nobody is a slave in the traditional sense.
    Racism is slavery.

    Black kids are punished more harshly than white kids for minor behavioral infractions, even if they commit those infractions no more frequently than whites.

    Black children are tracked into basic and remedial level classes while white kids are tracked into advanced and honors classes (whether or not they show promise and even sometimes quite a bit less)

    • Why are predominantly Black school districts are under-funded ?
    • Why are predominantly Black school districts under-staffed with inexperienced teachers ?
    • Why are predominantly Black school districts denied books ?
    • Why are predominantly Black school districts denied microscopes and other lab equipment ?
    • Why are predominantly Black school districts always have hazardous waste near by black schools ?
    • Why are predominantly Black school districts always have to cut art and music classes, sports teams and sometimes hot meals in a cafeteria ?

    Because of the system of white supremacy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gandalf View Post
    4. I get no delight in statistics. They just tell us about what is real and help us explain why things are as they are. Why do you use such a big font?
    No they don't.

    You can't manipulate stats to mean what ever you want. Let's use a simple example

    The stats show that more people get killed in cars than by Crocodiles

    So I mean, according to the stats, Cars are more dangerous than Crocs. Right ? That's what the stats show

    So in that case you'd rather be stuck in room with a Croc than a Car. Right ?

    No ans that's the point.

    No one talks about racism without using instinct. There’s no factual way to go about it. It's shortsighted for people to argue that they discuss things “objectively” and there is no objective way to do so. That’s like saying, “Let’s talk about war objectively” If it wasn’t important on a personal level, it wouldn’t be important enough to talk about. Hence why you don’t hear people talking about why 2 + 2 = 4 very much.
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