I can't go two weeks without hearing about this guy. The fact that some people were talking about him fighting Manny blows my mind.

What has Khan done to even be in these discussions anymore? How is he even a little relevant? There are so many better, older, washed-up fighters that people have completely forgotten about, but yet it's always Khan's name in circulation. He hasnt had a win over a quality opponent in 4 years, the last two times he fought a p4p fighter he got ktfo, and yet he thinks he deserves a fight with Manny....... Even his last couple of quality opponents that didnt K.O him were nothing special.. Devin Alexander and Chris Algieri are decent opponents but nothing special.

Honestly, and i may just be forgetting, but I think the only impressive win he has on his entire resume is Marcos Maidana. And he barely won that fight.

I dont remember Andre Berto, Gamboa, or other boxers with similiar resume's getting half the hype this dude gets.