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Compare Wilder and Khans opponents..don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Wilder is fighting a 47 year old drug cheat Cuban in a rematch and Fury has been his toughest competition to date.

Khan has fought everyone and will not play 2nd fiddle to a potential Brook fight.

Both Khan and Wilder give excitement but Wilder has to fight Fury and AJ/Ruiz in 2020 or I’m done with him.
Can't stand Wilder and I mean that in boatloads, guy is a twat but when's the last time Khan was considered a serious threat to the very top guys in his division. Boxing is every bit a what have you done lately and Khan is running on a reminisce tour.
Khan is milking his name and making serious money for fighting weak opposition.

Khan might be young but there’s too many miles on the clock for him to beat the top x3 in the 147 division.

Khan has accepted this now and is obviously doing smart business by trying to fight PAC.

Khan is still exciting to watch and has fought everyone..he has taken far more risks than Wilder..WBC and Wilder have done everything they can to duck Dillian Whyte..who knows what’s really going on there.

Wilder starts talking about his disgust for drug cheats but decides to fight the same 53 year old drug cheat Ortiz again and his younger brother was caught cheating.
That is gold and agreed. But wouldn't Whyte now be just the same. He should of fought him though. Was convinced Wilder would sac up and go that route but no. Can't knock Khan for still making a dollar but he is trying to have it both ways. Beat a couple of also rans, have a couple of oh shat moments along the way and survive, talk himself up and get people to reminisce and get a massive payday where the consensus is often hey he is skilled but that ultimately he'll be beat. Rinse repeat. He's taking up space.