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I'm really starting to rethink Davis. Would really like to see him do something of impactive relevance at 130 before jumping up but having already had weight issues and a belt dropped on the scale you could see it coming. 4 fights in 2 years of little note still very much feels like a promise yet to be realized. Loma as mentioned does have a feel of getting distracted, maybe even bored of it while 135 has some pretty solid talents. It also looks like he's growing into another division himself. Davis v Gamboa was all but teed up on the last card so should come off. It's nuts to think that for as many times as a near 40 yr old Gamboa has been written off and himself not realizing full potential, he'll arguably be the biggest name and threat on the record of Davis.
He’s young so it’s hard to say but Tank has been a major disappointment. Seems to always be drunk and headed towards a Broner ending. But, he is still young. So maybe Gamboa then Loma will get his head on straight because those aren’t guys to mess about with. If he can’t get right for that then he probably won’t ever anyway so too young isn’t a thing.

Loma seems to have a lot of young talent about to come to his division or reach the age to contend. I don’t buy for a second he will retire as young as he says. Maybe, if he runs out of challenges, but things seem to just be heating up.