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Thread: Tyson Fury vs Otto Wallin £19.95 on BT PPV


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    Default Tyson Fury vs Otto Wallin £19.95 on BT PPV

    Tyson Fury vs Otto Wallin: Brit reveals why he’s a ‘freak of nature’ and can ‘beat them all’

    Tyson Fury claims a mega fight against Deontay Wilder is not on his mind ahead of his return to the ring this weekend in Las Vegas and that he can "beat them all" because he is a "freak of nature".

    The 31-year-old takes on little-known Otto Wallin on Saturday but attention in the industry has already turned towards the rematch against WBC world heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, with promoter Bob Arum adamant a deal has already been signed.

    The American suggested he could swerve the fight with Fury taking step-aside money, but the Brit quickly shot down the offer and remains focused on Wallin for now.

    "I am not interested in Deontay Wilder or any of the rest of the heavyweight division. I am interested in Otto Wallin on Saturday night," said Fury, who dazzled at an open workout at the MGM Grand. Fury donned a Mexican wrestling mask and plans to incorporate a Mexican theme into his ring walk due to his fight taking place on the weekend celebrating Mexican independent day.

    "I have no interest in February at all. It is all about Saturday night, it is all about the Gypsy King.

    "It is not about February, or Christmas or New Year or any other day - it is all about Saturday night in Las Vegas.

    "I have no interest in future fights: one day day a time in my life, one fight at at time, one hour at a time."

    Fury remains confident, despite being knocked down and almost out by the Bronze Bomber last year, insisting his skills are unique to the division.

    "I can defeat them all with one hand," he said.

    "I have lightning reflexes for a giant. I am a giant of a heavyweight, there has never been a heavyweight like me and there has never been a heavyweight who can move like that.

    "I'm a freak of nature, I defy every law of gravity, it shouldn't be possible for a man of my height and weight to move like that.

    "I can beat them all."​
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