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Yup miles same here blew out tendons in my right shoulder. I didn’t tear them they are all snapped. Now I’m no doctor miles but if you have a tear I wouldn’t rush into surgery. I bet if you get an mri on your knees you will find torn tendons, it’s quite common. I only say this as I’ve had tendon surgery previously and it is 10 times worse than breaking a bone. Of course if your pain is too much and it’s the only way to alleviate it it’s worth it
Yeah, I was reading that many men over 40 already have a shoulder tear and just don't realize it. I guess you just get used to pain and discomfort. It's not a terrible pain like being punctured by a bullet, but more your nagging stiffness and ache that just doesn't go away. That terrible shotgun pain is awful, but you know it will go away as you heal, but the nagging soreness is indefinite and just more annoying in its own way. It is strange as at times it seems to get better, but then it just hurts.

Will do light stretches for mobility and keep doing physio for now, but I miss lifting weights and working the body properly.
Torn tendons will not “heal”. Yours might be quite bad if you are getting that much pain, perhaps it’s so bad ur doc is thinking it’s going to snap if you don’t get surgery. It’s just that damn tendon recovery is so long. It’s really not a major surgery, I think my doc said 20 minutes or so but you need to be very careful as they can snap again post surgery if you move it too much. I hope the physio does it for you, once a tendon snaps you need to build up muscles to do a job they aren’t meant to do. I’ve had broken bones and tendons I’d much rather break a bone but my my choice would be neither