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Some of you guys were complaining about "weight hopping" and "undeserved" alphabet shots (Loma), yet here a guy defends his belt half-a-dozen times a year and he's a "weight bully." However, he should stay away from top middleweights because he's crap.

Isn't it all a bit hypocritical?

The same people threw a fit when Munguia was going to fight Golovkin.

He's only 22.
Not hypocritical at all. You always just actively try to disagree with people and find things to be upset about. You are really reaching for this one though. Weight hopping and specifically fighting smaller fighters who you have a high risk of severely injuring is much different.
I've merely offered an alternative view and asked a question, that's all. No offense is meant.

I believe you're "reaching" by claiming his opponents at 154 are in danger. He looks big, yes, he's 6ft, but continues to make lightmiddle and all his defences have been against WBO top ranked lightmiddles. Not only that, several have been close competitive bouts.

The hypocrisy and contradictions of boxing fans/writers/fighters/promoters are utterly shameless and stick out like a sore thumb (i'm not singling you or any individual out).