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Hadn't posted here yet, as the topic is none of my concern, but simply taken at face value...... why and for what reason should private schools be "banned"?? Shouldn't types of schooling be strictly a choice?
That is the crux of the debate parental choice to send their children to schools of their choice versus all schools should have the same high standards and thus allow equal social mobility for the most deprived of children.
Are scholarships not a thing? I know the whole "But what about the poor kids?" deal is an issue in regards to private schools, but in America there are scholarships. The ONLY thing that irks those against Private Schooling more is that the private schools that are cream of the crop aren't 100% scholarships. Which kind of begs the question "How then do you run the school?" the public schools take the tax money so that's out of the question. And they take the tax money(property taxes) even if your kid goes to private school or if you don't even have a kid sooooo there's that.
This was originally about private schools not being allowed to be taxed and Labour wanted to take that right away.

There are scholarships but not that common.

Pupils from the private schools dominate the elite universities and that is another thing that needs addressing which could be done by abolishing these schools.