At my workplace their is a cult I shall call it. Is is not like a satanical cult or devil+worshipper cult, not so clear cut. But any advice would be greatly appreciated. In the nutshell we have 6-8 people who have started a office climate where first thing Monday mornings we all have to meet 5 minute in the break room to "show our interesting socks" I kid you not. They are serious and got the manger to email all staff that Monday Morning Sock Time is mandatory. It begun last Monday and no going back, despite we (me and 3 others) went to office manager to question this. It is real she said and all must participate to build up office team spirit and have fun to stat the new week. Where they come up with this horse crap no clue but I went along with the last Monday, I have no "colorful nor interesting" socks fucking hell I found black socks with a faint silver stripe is all I have so-called "unusual" or interesting socks. You should see how enthisastic and "into it" they are, pulling up pants cuffs with Glee and tell and brief story about WHERE and WHY they chose it, it's enough to make 4 of us sick. It's a CULT of some kind of FORCED POSITIVITY or TEAM SPIRIT building, and is become a required weekly activity. Positive-thinker/group effort type nonsense! What socks do I have for Monday next? NONE. what will you all do in this mess? HELP!!🥺