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Canelo IS massively underrated. You are not alone in refusing to acknowledge his quite extraordinary career. He hasn't even finished yet.

You don't have to like him or make excuses for the drugs, his weight shenanigans or pretend Oscar is not a knob. Just admit you and many have underrated him. What if he stops Kov?


"Great" retort. Small wonder you got kudos from Fats. However, I just gave you 8 reasons why Canelo, if anything, is OVERrated. I could've easily made it 10.

You respond with... "he's underrated because I said so."

Keep up the good work.

TBH that second retort was not great like the first one, which was definitely great.

And sir, Mr. Tito Fan, your points in response to that first great retort of Mr. Beanz was pretty pretty accurate. I thought it was nice the way you tried to imply that the ladies swooning over the Ginger-Haired One may have had something to do with the clenbuterol of the tainted beef in Guadalajara.

I mean hell it's not like that stuff would not add to his testosterone levels.