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It is like watching Hagler at the tail end of his career. That bit older, slower and vulnerable waiting for a young gun to finally beat him.

Golovkin crushed all his main challengers but did not have that classic rivalry or career defining fight.

The Canelo contests were ruined and as a result do not count.
Ffs! Stop posting like a 10 year old. Of course they fucking count! Both fights were close, so even if you think GGG won, they’re not exactly a robbery either way.
I don’t know what the fuss is all about, I genuinely thought the 1st fight was a draw, and I genuinely thought Canelo one the 2nd. But I totally see how people might have had it different.
There have been way worse decisions. Come on, I’m not a fan of Canelo , and until GGG started whoring himself out to Canelo like a little bitch, I was a fan of his. But you have to see it as it is.

Some of us think GGG should've won both fights, so go figure. Canelo wasn't going to lose a decision in Vegas... and anyone who thinks otherwise probably still believes in the stork.

This time around GGG was the bigger name, so he probably got a little bit of a consolation gift decision.

The bigger name gets the nod. And there ain't no bigger name in Vegas than Canelo.
Like I said, I get that, and although I don’t agree, I wouldn’t argue massively against it. There wasn’t a lot in it.
But my point is, you know you’re not gonna get a decision in Vegas against Canelo after the first fight.
So why bother chasing a rematch unless you’re gonna go in hard looking for a KO?
GGG looked less likely to KO Canelo in the 2nd fight than he did in the 1st. So why bother?
The object of professional boxing is to earn as much money as possible and he would earn in one defence against Canelo the same as if he had in 10 defences. I am sure he would have loved to tell Canelo and Oscar where to go but the economics of it meant he had to wait and take the rematch.

Just like Hagler did with Leonard.
Unsurprisingly I don’t see it like that. When Oscar was doing all his “A side,Diva stuff” , I GGG had carried on as he was and creating his own legacy, GBP were running out of opponents for the Caneloweight title, and credibility was running low.
They should’ve made Oscar boil in his own piss by ignoring him and they would’ve had nowhere to go.
Instead he became Oscar’s bitch.
You stop posting like a 3 year old girl who believes in fairies and unicorns. Are you seriously telling me that GGG should turn away career high paydays? There are you tubers boxing on ppv who are absolutely rubbish at the sport and BJS is on the undercard, the boxing world is crazy. GGG did the right thing just admit it.
Now now, stop using my lines. Just because I said you were posting like a 10 year old!
GGG’s stock was rising. If he’d have beaten Jacobs, then BJS, then maybe Charlo, and possibly gone up for a SMW title , he would’ve turned the tables.
Whereas Canelo was running out of guys who were prepared to boil down to Caneloweight. He was becoming a joke figure. But Oscar timed it to perfection, getting GGG just as he was getting over the hill.
And GGG Knew this was the case, and that is why he held out for the cash cow.
I mean, come on, your opponent fails a drug test, you’ve got the chance to throw him under a bus, but no, you put your career on hold and wait until he’s ready. Dear oh dear.