Since the shenanigans around the AJ-Wilder negotiations last year, we've seen history changing fights between Wilder-Fury and AJ-Ruiz. NEITHER unbeaten "star" was able to win their next fight, the entire boxing landscape changed, new players emerged, paths changed, the fighters value dropped and rose.

So what was so "special" about Wilder-AJ? What would it have proved? How come within 6 months the "top two" suffered a "loss?"

Crawford-Spence is a P4P welter superfight, right? Why is it so special considering Crawford hasn't faced a single top welterweight and Spence scraped victory by the skin of his teeth last time? Had Porter got the decision would you still be craving Spence-Crawford? Why? What does it prove?

EVERY fight in history is nothing more than a battle between two men on that particular night. That's it. It proves nothing in the grand scheme. Thoughts?