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None of the fighters you mentioned were at the level of the 3 I mentioned. None of the fighters you mentioned are in anyone's top 10 of the best heavyweights. Some of the opposition was so bad, Joe had to fight them twice.

No crime having trouble against Joe Frazier he was a great heavyweight champion. Being constantly knocked down as a champion by some poor challengers is.

I am not trying to persuade you to change your mind.
How do you define that "level"? It's a bit ambiguous. Sonny Liston isn't a top 10 heavyweight, sorry. I'm not 100% certain Joe Frazier is top 10, he's around there, but golly you're talking quality of opponents one second then you're touting a guy who beat Buster Mathis for a vacant title, Foster, Ali, and who else? Jerry Quarry? Beating a great fighter once doesn't make you a great fighter it doesn't even mean you fought a great fight, sometimes the champ sucks on a specific night.

Getting knocked down doesn't mean much unless you STAY down. I guess this sort of thing really hampers the reputation of Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson among others.

It kind of seems like you're taking what I've posted personally.

Joe Louis is the greatest heavyweight champion of all-time FACT.
I am not taking anything personally this is fun.

The names you mention on Joe Louis record, with all due respect, just do not compare. I am being very polite to them.

Joe Frazier had 9 defences and was a top 10 heavyweight on most people's list.

Getting knocked down by Two Ton Galento et al, outboxed by Conn showed his vulnerabilities. Just pointing them out and showing you Ali could have exploited them.

Just because you write FACT in capital letters does not mean he is.

Muhammid Ali is the best heavyweight ever, the quality and calibre of fighters he beat during a period regarded as the best in terms of quality, illustrates that.