What about a prime Lennox? Or a 1991 Holyfield? Or 1988 Tyson? You know, the Tyson who just bludgeon Holmes and Spinks

Is it safe to say, that, that exciting Muhammad Ali that we all remember from the 1970s was only just a shell of what he was in the 60s?

And still look what he accomplished in the 1970s, as a heavier and slower and older more flat-footed fighter that he ever was before. And yet still he would mix it up and go toe-to-toe and still out punch and out box everybody

Look how he had to get revenge two times each against Ken Norton and Joe Frazier.

Always wonder what a Foreman rematch would have looked like.

It's hard I think to imagine anybody greater than Muhammad Ali. So what do you all say? Is there anybody seriously in the history of boxing who could be a prime Muhammad Ali? If so who would that be?